Friday, November 13, 2009


First off I really didn't follow any recipe. I looked info. up online and there was info. that came with the bamboo sheet & spoon. Everything I have read has said short grain rice or sushi rice.

We made ours with crab,avocado, & cucumber. I thought they were yummy. A little to much vinegar though. I think once I get the rice down I will be good. I made two cups which is what was called for but sushi feels me up so I think 1 cup next time. You have to roll tight and cut with a wet knife. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but I can see why they cost so much. To get it just right you don't put to much in it or it won't roll right. You can do it Lacey!!!

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Lacey said...

Yaaaaaaaay! (Rice seasoning?! Where the heck do I find that?!?!?!?! Bah!)

I'll try mine... eventually... How do the guys at the sushi bar make it look so easy?!