Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fruit Salad

Ok so this isn't Rachelles favorite fruit salad. That one would have homeade whipping cream but this one she loves and will get more of. Its a great healthy after school snack or she will take it to school. She also loves to eat it in the morning before school with alittle yorgurt.

All it is fresh peaches, banannas, diced pineapple & red raspberries. Of course I try and do it all fresh but as the seasons change some is frozen. The pineapple is always Dole so that I can use alittle juice.Then I sprinkle on some fruit-fresh and we are good to go!! One bowl is gone in a couple days.

Another combo that is loved it fresh strawberries, banannas and pineapple!



Lacey said...

What's fruit-fresh? (Don't poke fun... but seriously.)

Sarah said...

keeps ur fruit from turning brown!