Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homemade Guacamole

OK so my ingredient list for homemade guacamole. had no set amounts. I am one that depending on what it is just throws together and mixes! I know I live when my mom tell me the same thing cuz I just look at her and ask well how am I to know if it is enough or not? I can't even watch her with her being in Colorado and me in Germany but here it goes anyway!

Avocados~ amount for us is based on the price!
Splash of lemon juice
Tabasco sauce

Placed peeled avocado in bowl. I chop up some tomato, depending on how many avocados you use depends on how much tomato.Sometime a whole tomato and sometimes half. Onion is the same. I am not a fan of raw onion so I do 1/4 or half of a half. Garlic is the same. Tabasco sauce to taste. This last time I put in a red chile as well!! It was yummy but as you can see it really is based on what you like and how much. I always mash the avocados before I do anything else because there is nothing else worse then smashed tomato. Make sure you stir well!!Not alot of lemon juice either Lacey, this is meant to keep the avocados from browning, thats all!



Jennifer Haas said...

I left you an award, see my blog! Thank you for all your great stories!

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Lacey said...

Sarah, this recipe just will not do! How am I supposed to know how much to use?!?! And not a lot of lemon juice?!?! Sheesh!

I am going to try it though... I think your directions helped out even if you didn't give specified amounts-- half or whole tomato and half of a half of onion is close enough for me! Thank you!

Sarah said...

lacey do u not know how the mexicans cook?? we dont measure..we judt do it!!!it all depends on the amount of avocados.. it sets the tone!